Wherefore Art Thou?

Wherefore Art Thou?

WFAT-FRFF-short film festival-2023-4


'Wherefore Art Thou?' is an original reimagining of Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene— seen through the eyes of an elderly Juliet and the young nurse who embraces her at the end of her life. Facing a surrealistic form of Alzheimers, Juliet journeys through her memories, flowing through the same fleeting moment of heaven with Romeo, echoing throughout her life. Navigating the eternity of a moment, star-crossed lovers defy their tragic fate, the tides of time and even what it means to be together— forever.


Category: Drama

Country: United States

Duration: 16:14

Directed by: Diane Cossa

Produced by: Kate Forsatz

Starring by: Lynn Cohen, Diane Cossa, Amelia Sorensen, Rob McCaskill, Pat McCarthy, Veronica Reyes