The Tree of Lost Souls

The Tree of Lost Souls



The Tree of the Lost Souls is a story of tenderness and fantasy that really make us reflect on our lives and the parts of ourselves that we have lost.
It is the story of Lili, an introverted 11 year old girl who uses her imagination as a refuge from the world around her; a world that has been falling apart due to the disappearance of her father, her mother's indifference towards her, betrayed friendship, and disappointment in love.


Category: Animation

Country: Spain

Duration: 15:35

Directed by: Laura Zamora

Produced by: Laura Zamora, Oliver Schmitz, Alex Koniaris

Starring: Ana Bleda, Julio Posadas, Paqui Cabeza, Lucia Martinez, Paco Acaban, Alvaro Siloe, Sergio Mesa