The Taste of Me “Sabor a Mi”

The Taste of Me “Sabor a Mi”

The-Taste-of-Me-Sabor-a-Mi-FRFF-short film festival-2020-3


David Lawrence an accomplished film composer "American Pie , Disney High School Musical" recreates one of the most famous boleros Spanish songs originally composed by the legendary Los Panchos and sung by David's iconic mom Eydie Gorme. Special cameo by Steve Lawrence. This is David's debut song as a singer in tribute to his mom Edyie.


The-Taste-of-Me-Sabor-a-Mi-FRFF-short film festival-2020-poster

Category: Music Video

Country: United States

Duration: 4:57

Directed by: Carlos A. Hurtado

Produced by: Jose Majorquin

Starring: David Lawrence, Nitzia Chama