The O Show

The O Show

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Orene Askew is a motivational speaker, DJ and inspiration to youth and her many peers in Vancouver. Her work as a community leader has enabled so many youth and individuals to see themselves in her and her incredible diverse work that reflects the many communities Orene is a part of.

This Documentary will look into the life of an Afro Canadian, indigenous, two spirited human that continues to speaks out and represents her black community in Vancouver during the BLM protests and marches in Vancouver, her LGBTQ community by leading the PRIDE Parade as the official DJ (DJ Oshow) and participating by taking an active seat on their board, and being an elected member and spokesperson for the Squamish Nation and Chief and Council.

Category: Documentary

Country: Canada

Duration: 20:00

Directed by: Sharad Khare

Produced by: Mel D'Souza, Nisha Khare

Starring: Orene Askew, Jennifer Johnston, Geena Jackson, Jillian Lewis, Jina Johnston-Hall, Jane Aurora