The Enemy

The Enemy

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Sometimes we just say something without thinking about the partner's feelings. Under the thin skin, on the human's soul, we are leaving small cuts, that slowly become deep bleeding wounds. It hurts, but as it is love, we keep walking on this razor's edge again and again. Eventually, the wounds fill the minds with blood and make both drown in it.

"The Enemy" - a short fashion horror film, a visual poem based on the quote from Haruki Murakami's "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle":

"Hatred is like a two-edged sword, when you cut the other person, you cut yourself."

Written & Directed by Shapxo
Shot on Kodak 16mm by the Ukrainian production team in Europe

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Category: Micro Short

Country: Ukraine

Duration: 1:30

Directed by: Shapxo

Produced by: Stanislav Smirnov

Starring by: Yana Rai, Tom Huang