The Desolation Prize

The Desolation Prize



With only the ghost of the man he killed years before to keep him company, Jake lives an isolated life. He rarely goes outside, and his groceries are delivered to him. Fearful that this unwanted spirit will continue to humiliate and terrorize him in public, he has structured his life around a lonely and bleak existence. Eventually, his dark situation is illuminated by the arrival of Bobbi, a fresh-faced prairie girl whose job it is to deliver him groceries. The two of them spark up a friendship and eventually commit to an intimate one. At first, it seems this lifts Jake’s mood and unlock a long dormant optimism. But it isn’t long at all before the hateful spirit of Dudley, who is determined to keep Jake miserable redirects his gaze toward Bobbi. She is followed to a second job in a vintage clothing store where her warm exuberance for the thrilling city is quickly quashed into a haunting hysteria of menacing mannequins and possessed sweaters. What results is a nightmarish cat and mouse game where the only winner of The Desolation Prize will be Jake.


Category: Sci-Fi/Horror

Country: Canada

Duration: 15:00

Directed by: Shane Day

Produced by: Jon Warne

Starring: MJ Kehler, Byron Mayberry, Amanda Wong, Alan Colodey