The Bureaucrat

The Bureaucrat

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Death is a laborious process, and the transfer to the afterlife requires completing various forms and documents. This task is performed by representatives of the afterlife, known as the Bureaucrats. One of them is given the assignment of a pregnant woman who is about to get killed in a car crash. When he decides to do something to help her, even though this is strictly forbidden, he might face the consequences of his actions.


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Category: Sci-Fi/Horror

Country: Greece

Duration: 19:13

Directed by: Dimitrios Karas

Produced by: Dimitrios Karas

Starring: Vaios Vlachos, Kostas Kyriazidis, Maria Semertzidou, Otari Aptsiauri, Chris Shagla, Michael Webber, Sofia Fytianou, Dimitra Koulaxizi, Marianna Rantou