Tag: Short Film

Ivalu (Oscar-nominated Live Action Short, 2023)

SYNOPSIS Based on the graphic novel by Morten Dürr and Lars Horneman, Ivalu follows a young girl named Pipaluk as she searches for older sister Ivalu, who has gone missing in the wilderness of Greenland. As Pipaluk searches for her sister, the audience learns that Ivalu was being sexually abused by the girls’ father. Country: …

The Window

SYNOPSIS This film is about complex crisis of a creative man. This crisis may be solved by simple meeting. Human relationships came from unexpected side are able to drastically change life of participants of these relations. Category: Fashion Country: Georgia Duration: 10:54 Directed by: Giorgi Toradze Produced by: Giorgi Toradze Starring by: Veronica Kalandarishvili, Shota …

Far Away Man – The Dalmations

SYNOPSIS The timeless story of a human’s experience following trauma, the struggles they and their loved ones can experience, and the hope and freedom available at the end of a journey of process and vulnerability. This is Far Away Man. [A version with French subtitles is also available] Category: Music Video Country: Australia Duration: 4:15 …

La Tierra Llora – Paulina Aguirre

SYNOPSIS music video La Tierra Llora by Paulina Aguirre   Category: Music Video Country: United States Duration: 4:14 Directed by: Paulina Aguirre, Rick Alanis PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Love Louder – The Meeps

SYNOPSIS Music video of Love Louder by the band “The Meeps” Category: Music Video Country: United States Duration: 3:05 Directed by: Olivier Staphylas Produced by: Michelle Jurado Staphylas, Varunee Santa Starring by: Lamar Morris, Simon Fuller PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Millionnaire – Phara featuring Norhvn

Category: Music Video Country: France Duration: 3:26 Directed by: Wellky Starring by: Phara, Norhvn PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Only Fire

SYNOPSIS Only Fire is a visual ode to the birth of a machine conjured from a dream, set to a script that explores the vulnerability of an idea in its infancy. Category: Micro Short Country: United Arab Emirates Duration: 0:52 Directed by: Neel Kumar Produced by: Neel Kumar Starring by: Marco Möller PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Pandora’s Box

SYNOPSIS After stealing Pandora’s Box, a couple of outlaws must make their great escape à la Bonnie & Clyde as the Mafia and the FBI are close on their tail. Category: Micro Short Country: United States Duration: 2:49 Directed by: Teo Marinakis Produced by: Nash Petrovic PRODUCTION PHOTOS

13 Days Before Winter

SYNOPSIS A mother condemned by cancer. A son’s suffering. 13 days until the unbearable fate.   Category: Micro Short Country: France Duration: 2:20 Directed by: Julie Sanchez Starring by: KRISZTINA CZIFRA, KRISTÓF POLGAR PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS While indulging in his favorite hobbie, a lonely young man finds himself longing for companionship, especially as 2 old ladies enter the same patio he’s in and start catching up. Category: Micro Short Country: United States Duration: 7:00 Directed by: Marie Rouhban Produced by: Juliette Poirier Starring by: Hank Moen Fisher, MAry Kenner, Josette …