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Red Lion

SYNOPSIS A numinous Red Lion illuminates the path the warrior goddess Metallia must take to align her fragmented selves and restore an ever-present multidimensional vision long lost to humanity. Category: Music Video Country: Greece Duration: 5:22 Directed by: Olivia Hadjiioannou Produced by: Olivia Hadjiioannou PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS A lonely, broken-hearted man enters a dubious bar to find relief in a trip that is offered there. We follow him into a subconscious yet seemingly digital and overdosed journey through his memories. But it is not only him who can see into his head… Category: Music Video Country: Germany Duration: 3:15 Directed by: …


SYNOPSIS Music video for the song “Heartbeat” written and performed by Medi eM and Dustin Quick. Category: Music Video Country: United States Duration: 3:05 Directed by: Medi eM Produced by:┬áMedi eM,┬áDustin Quick Starring: Dustin Quick, Medi eM PRODUCTION PHOTOS