Tag: Lifestyle

Levi’s Film

SYNOPSIS     Category: Lifestyle Country: United States Duration: 2:25 Directed by: Ali Murtaza Produced by: Larry Namer

Warrior with a Crown

SYNOPSIS “In an armour of scars, I fight the illusion of my fears. I’m a warrior” In the quest to excel in life, a man battles with his own failures. Expressing the weight that every person must carry, Warrior with a Crown addresses how our need to conquer is just a fight within ourselves, with …

“Be Your Own Kind”

SYNOPSIS A young man meets a woman with an abusive past, they fall in love at first sight, but it all comes crashing down when she meets someone new who brings her back to the dark side. Category: Lifestyle Country: Canada Duration: 7:57 Directed by: Amir Zargara, Christian Lat Produced by: Amir Zargara, Anthony DT Starring: …