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Las Posadas (The Inns)

SYNOPSIS 9 day Mexican Christmas tradition based on the Nativity story of Mary and Joseph’s intrepid trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search for a safe place to stay for the birth of baby Jesus.   Category: Animation Country: United States Duration: 3:49 Directed by: Patricia Vonne Produced by: Johnny Villarrea PRODUCTION PHOTOS

to gait + to retreat = to ascend (testament)

SYNOPSIS It is a musical film, beyond the words that represent the soundtrack, which in their icy documentary tone contrast with the intimate and daily images of the private archive. The sky shadowed and threatening, a gray bloated with lake melancholy, which crushes Lecco between the mountains and its lake; the ties between the cold …

On My Mind

SYNOPSIS Out Of Competition. Henrik wants to sing a song for his wife. It has to be today, it has to be now. It’s a question of life, death and karaoke.   Category: Drama Country: Denmark Duration: 18:00 Directed by: Martin Strange-Hansen Produced by: Christian Junget Madsen, Kim Magnusson, Martin Strange-Hansen Starring: Rasmus Hammerich, Camilla …

Down From The Clouds

SYNOPSIS Out Of Competition. Su is a 9 year old girl who waits for her problematic father to come home. He arrives late visibly drunk, but he still wants to keep his promise to his daughter to go get her favorite ice-cream. The two head out for a dangerous night drive in the magical land …

New Test 123…

SYNOPSIS New Test 123 is a part of Flammable Formula series. The arthouse film was assembled from strands of thoughts on intersectional feminism floating through culture.   Category: Micro Short Country: United Kingdom Duration: 2:46 Directed by: Anne Gart Produced by: Anne Gart Starring: Bruno Aversa, Carnelle Mortie, Sube Wallen, Brindha Kannon,

A Marriage Story

SYNOPSIS The moment you find out what true love is… You can endure anything!   Category: Micro Short Country: USA Duration: 9:45 Directed by: John Fuentes Produced by: John Fuentes, Donita Fuentes Starring: Rudy Marquez, Melody Heléna, Gretchen Harris, Ivana Shar, Isabella Pimental PRODUCTION PHOTOS

The Right Wing French

SYNOPSIS The GPO in Dublin is where people come to protest. Now it’s time that the seagulls had their say…   Category: Micro Short Country: Ireland Duration: 2:03 Directed by: Donal O’Dea Produced by: Donal O’Dea Starring: Dermot Maginnis PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS Mijo is a young dreamer, suddenly blessed with the gift of King Midas. However his ability has a unique twist: whatever and whoever he touches is stylishly pimped up.   Category: Micro Short Country: Mexico Duration: 5:00 Directed by: Mazdey Snob Produced by: Snob Solutions Starring: Gerardo Rocha, Dolores Black, Alejandra soto PRODUCTION PHOTOS

French Riviera

SYNOPSIS After a big fight with her husband, a young lady is on very, thin, ice…   Category: Micro Short Country: USA Duration: 1:06 Directed by: Teo Marinakis Produced by: Nash Petrovic Starring: Joaquin Fructuoso, Julia Mace, Josh Calle PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Bye Dummy

SYNOPSIS A serial killer is on the run and trying to escape the country. Before he makes his attempt, he makes one quick stop at a small store to buy food only to bump into a police detective.   Category: Micro Short Country: Singapore Duration: 3:00 Directed by: Aniruddh K Produced by: Ildiko Kissimon Starring: …