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SYNOPSIS Human experience spiral down when panic strikes. In this short essay, we pictured the turmoil that goes with the experience of the downward spiral. Starting from a bad place, fleeing it and eventually being caught up again, you are unable to escape your own prison and it is wearing you down. There is some …


SYNOPSIS “Daily” features Violette, a young woman, in her morning daily life; her morning routine. Represented by moments of life and gestures; which she does and repeats every day. With her “I don’t care” style , Violette goes against this routine with a cheerful and casual attitude, in order to avoid falling into a certain …


SYNOPSIS aestetic birth of an oasis     Category: Fashion Country: United States Duration: 1:00 Directed by: Adrien Servadio Starring: Brett Anne PRODUCTION PHOTOS

ZEIT (time)

SYNOPSIS “ZEIT“ (Time) is a song inspired by the slowing of time the COVID crisis had on many of our lives. Some used it as an opportunity to get to know themself and reflect, others were used by it and forced to reflect. Torn between self-discovery and the need to be connected to others, “ZEIT“ …

Break the Silence

SYNOPSIS A man living in a soulless world must break free from the oppressive institution he works for once he learns of the deep rooted corruption that runs within.     Category: Music Video Country: United States Duration: 6:32 Directed by: Noah Frech Produced by: Summer Watson Starring: Peter Kim, Serge Nepomnin, Gregory Axten PRODUCTION …

The Silence

SYNOPSIS       Category: Music Video Country: United States Duration: 3:53 Directed by: Malcolm Solomon Produced by: Malcolm Solomon Starring: Law PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS Stop and think for a moment of the people you love. Yes we have a lot to face especially now, however we can feel the spirit of those we love and the weight of the world doesn’t have to fall on our shoulders. Let’s all follow or hearts to be kind to one another …

Back to Us

SYNOPSIS Back to Us is the music short film born out of the Italian edition of the Levi’s® Music Project. Since 2015, the international project has been providing emerging musical talent from specific neighbourhoods with opportunities, resources and suitable structures to refine their skills. For this first edition, Levi’s has collaborated with award-winning Italian singer-songwriter …


SYNOPSIS Once a dream wove a shade, and pitying I dropped a tear. But I saw lights near, that light the ground while the soul wanders. Category: Experimental Country: Brazil Duration: 5:00 Directed by: Douglas Alves Ferreira Produced by: Douglas Alves Ferreira Starring: Camilla Martinez PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS Transport yourself to a world of ethereal chrome. A place free from judgement, free from thought. A transcendent state of hypnotically shifting patterns, dreamy colors, and calming weightlessness. Ride along as we go up, up, up. Now doesn’t that sound nice? Category: Experimental Country: United States Duration: 6:00 Directed by: Ryan Paterson PRODUCTION PHOTOS