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No Dominion

SYNOPSIS It was a random winter weekend getaway in beautiful Wales. Three travellers.. an American traveller Shamus and a French couple Marie and Paul travel to Swansea for their own different, personal and very important reasons. Their desire was to take a break away from their difficulties. ​ Shamus is on a tour around Europe …

Milk Tea

SYNOPSIS Milk Tea is a drama set in Taiwan about an 11-year-old girl, HSUAN, who is suffocated by her dysfunctional family and decides to lighten the mood at home. However, this only causes her dad to lose control and things get out of hand. Ultimately, Hsuan realizes she can’t fix her family but at least …

Me También

SYNOPSIS Two women in polar opposite spheres of society are brought together by one unfortunate common denominator, sexual harassment, but when everything seems lost, destiny will have the last word. Category: Drama Country: United States Duration: 16:00 Directed by: Valeria Vallejos Produced by: Jackie Carr, Brett M. Reed Starring: Valeria Vallejos, Kathryn Romine PRODUCTION PHOTOS