Say Nothing

Say Nothing

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MRS MABELE, an undercover voodoo woman, is devastated after losing her son to knife violence. Fed up with the youth crime, and tired of the police delay in apprehending the killers, she places a body switch spell on a jaded police officer, DAVID FIRTH, white, 34, and on a young black boy from da blocks -JAYDEN MILLS, 20, black. The only way the two can reverse the spell, and return to their retrospective bodies, is by bringing the killers to justice and reconnecting their spirits under a full moon.

David suspects Jayden of having some sort of involvement with the killing, he seems to be holding back information. Jayden refuses to engage with David, he’s worried about being seen as an informer.

Jayden and David are offered a lifeline when it is announced that a potential suspect has been found; Jayden knows immediately that the police have made a mistake, and this is because Jayden is hiding something.

Following the body switch Jayden’s boys think he’s acting weird, they tolerate him nonetheless, until, at a community police event, Jayden and David join forces. This is the last straw for Jayden’s mandem, they want nothing to do with him.

The whole event is a disaster. Jayden and David learn that they cannot give up on their community, they have to keep trying to work in it to bring about change.

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Category: Drama

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 30:00

Directed by: D'Marie Dowe

Produced by: Nathaniel Sang Levy

Starring by: Daniel Attwell, Reece Harris, Ellen Thomas, Che Walker, Ade Femzo