Phase-FRFF-short film festival-2022-2


A 10-year-old boy Yarik spends the last days of summer vacation with his mother in the country. Playing in the woods, Yarik and his friend Igor see a young woman with a man but perceive their togetherness differently: Igor believes they make love while Yarik is sure that the woman is strangled by the man. Yarik investigates the possible murder while discovering the countryside and his way towards his mother who is in deep grief for her husband killed at war in the east of Ukraine.


Phase-FRFF-short film festival-2022 poster

Category: Drama

Country: Ukraine

Duration: 20:00

Directed by: Mykola Zaseev

Produced by: Vitaliy Sheremetiev, Natalia Libet, Oleksandra Kravchenko

Starring: Artem Grachev