My Rose

My Rose

My Rose-FRFF-Short-film-festival-2021


Young woman finds a magical ring that takes her into an otherworldly realm of sexual discoveries.

Peer pressured into becoming sexually active, Charis struggles to figure out what she wants or what she likes. She finds a mysterious ring left in a cafe’s bathroom and tries it on. The ring transports her into a fashionable realm full of new and exciting possibilities. Trying and failing at taking the ring off, Charis begins to enjoy the moment and falls deep into what this world has to offer. In a series of mundane experiences, performed in a pink studio, wearing high fashion garments, Charis learns about the pleasures of her own body. She goes on an explorations of sexual activities on her own and that is the best way for her to enter the world of sex.

My Rose-FRFF-Short-film-festival-2021-poster

Category: Fashion

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 6:40

Directed by: Milda Baginskaite

Produced by: Pilar Cartró Benavides

Starring: Vilve Valerie Bjerke Torset