I Am Light

I Am Light

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'I am Light' is a cinematic short film that aims to create an emotional connection with viewers and shed light on the experiences of black people in the UK. Belinda was born and raised in London as the first generation born in the UK to parents from Barbados and Jamaica. Inspired by her personal experiences and her reflections on the George Floyd murder, the film uses vignettes to showcase the joys and pains of life as a black person in the UK. The film's message of #blacklivesmatter is a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality. By empowering and validating the experiences of black people and creating empathy among viewers, 'I am Light' has the potential to spark important conversations and raise awareness about the experiences of black people in the UK and around the world.

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Category: Activism

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 3:34

Directed by: Julia Schönstädt

Produced by: Belinda Fenty, Julia Schönstädt, Pauline Nakirya

Starring by: Belinda Fenty, Pauline Nakirya, JJ Oburoh, Jonhoi Burnett, Nomazolu Ramachela, Monique Eleanor, Hamed Bamba, Eduardo Gispert, Matilda Jaures, Adie Mueller