Francesca Marchisio #weareallinfinite

Francesca Marchisio #weareallinfinite

Francesca Marchisio-FRFF-Short-film-festival-2021


Italian fashion designer and atelier owner Francesca Marchisio commissioned and styled the fashion film “ We are all infinite” to represent, promote and embody the spirit and intention of her spring/summer collection for 2021.

One, nobody, 100000 ... A tale towards self-knowledge and social evolution.
The labyrinth is a symbol of contrasts, different paths, of play and self discovery. Some figures of men and women turn out to be lonely (at the entrance or inside the labyrinth), lost, hesitant.
Then, pressed by an increasing rhythm of the dance the characters walk the labyrinth confidently.
They meet, chase each other, observing and exploring, they run, get lost ... Until they find themself and dance together to create a new identity.
The transformable clothes change in the path like the characters who wear them.
Cut-outs-waste evolve in new special embroidered models, as this journey of self research evolves in the encounter with others.
The encounters and the clashes reveal changing, hybrid, equal and opposite sexualities.
In a whirlwind of weaves in the end they all meet together.
Dancing and wrapping in a costant search of their own space, make up a single figure, the whole of the whole, the epilogue of theirs travel.


Category: Fashion

Country: Italy

Duration: 5:30

Directed by: Mauro Vecchi

Produced by: The Block, Francesco Quaranta

Starring: Grace Lyell, Ivana Mastroviti, Philippe Kratz