Finalists 2019



Any Wednesday: Any Wednesday is a sensitive, delicate drama of disparate souls reaching for connection. [Director: Allie Light, Patrick Stark, Country: USA, Duration: 29:40]

Cycle: Cycle follows 10-year-old Elina as she observes her mother, Irene, in the aftermath of a violent fight with her husband, Marcel. [Director: Laura D'Antoni, Country: USA, Duration: 11:38]

Mr. Punchbag: In the backstreets of inner-city London, a broken man exists as a human punchbag for hire. [Director: Shirit Kedar, Frank Burke, Gavin O’ Brien, Country: UK, Duration: 9:11]

Tattoo: A young Iranian woman only wanted to renew her driver’s license, but when the officials noticed a scar on her wrist and her tattoo, they began looking at her with suspicion. [Director: Farhad Delaram, Country: Iran, Duration: 15:00]

The Photographer: Helena walks in the gardens of Versailles, photographing statues of antique gods, and through her camera, she perceives the presence of a male statue who has come to life. [Director: Bertrand Normand, Country: France, Duration: 11:45]

Three Years 1 Night: A juxtaposition of two dimensions of the same story - the first takes place during one night and talks about Krzysztof's journey to the seaside. [Director: Bartosz Jakub Jasinski, Country: Poland, Duration: 19:25]


An Untold Story of Paperboats: [Director: Gypsy Khera, Country: India]

Are You Ok: [Director: David M. Raynor, Country: Australia]

Arroyo: [Director: Adrian DeLude, Country: USA]

Graffiti: [Director: Divyansh Sharma, Country: USA]

Mogra: [Director: Sitanshu Datta, Country: India]

The Critic: [Director: Stella Velon, Country: USA]

Unspoken: [Director: Danae Grandison, Country: USA]



Filfla: The story of a woman who goes to look for a boy on the mystical island of Filfla, where a terrifying creature is lurking in its midst. [Director: Fabrizio Ellul, Country: Malta, Duration: 6:57]

The Tree of Lost Souls: An introverted 11 year old girl uses her imagination as a refuge from the world around her, a world that has been falling apart around her. [Director: Laura Zamora, Country: Spain, Duration: 15:35]

Under Covers: On the night of a lunar eclipse, we uncover the sweet, salacious, and spooky secrets of a small town. [Director: Michaela Olsen, Country: USA, Duration: 7:22]


One Night Only: [Director: Matt Bissett-Johnson, Country: Australia]



&you: In the wake of the #metoo movement, a survivor at James Madison University becomes a powerful advocate on campus after her own assault case gets handled in all the wrong ways. [Director: Claire Downey, Taylor Autumn Herndon, Tessa Lawrence, Country: USA, Duration: 20:39]

A Grand Journey: Kira, who was born with a disability, embarks on a unique, but incredibly relatable, journey to climb the iconic Grand Teton. [Director: Amon Barker, Country: USA, Duration: 15:00]

Charlie Bee CompanyA show about a wild bunch of Texas beekeepers who rescue killer honeybees from desperate and dangerous situations. [Director: Ashley Davison, Country: USA, Duration: 22:05]

Powered by Plants: Does the cure for cancer exist? What the heck is juice fasting? Find out in the film, that follows several inspiring individuals who have used nutrition and alternative medicine to heal themselves. [Director: Allison Melody, Country: USA, Duration: 27:17]


My Body is not a Weapon: [Director: Platon, Country: USA]

Now or Never Again: [Director: Marieke Widlak, Country: Netherlands]

Raised on Rock: [Director: Sally Steele, Country: USA]



Fanboy: A video store employee from South Carolina travels to Hollywood when he learns that his favorite director is holding auditions for his next big film. [Director: Gillian Greene, Country: USA, Duration: 39.53]

Matty Boy: A man with a suggestible mind, who ends up marrying a second wife out of a desperate situation, faces the consequences of it. [Director: Dr. Shahid Kamal, Country: UK, Duration: 13:57]

Mis’TIC: A loving father his devoted daughter and his troublesome ‘tic.’ A comedy about misunderstandings and a wonderful heart-warming father / daughter relationship. [Director: Eric Rino, Country: Austria, Duration: 14:00]

Tumble Dry: Following his therapist’s advice to be more social, Gary, an aspiring NYC playwright, channels his obsessive compulsive tendencies towards online dating. [Directors Delia Kelly, Stephen Riscica: Country: USA, Duration: 24.50]


Joss: [Director: Gilles Graveleau, Country: France]

The Godmother: [Director: Allana Harkin, Country: USA]

The Stage: [Director: Federico Siano, Country: Italy]



King of the Hill: John finds himself in an area that is about to be bombarded by toxic gas and is hunted down by others who want his gas mask. [Director: Ballat Pierre, Country: France, Duration: 10.03]

Lobisome: Jorge and Iván receive a simple assignment: steal a briefcase and deliver it to their client in the bathrooms of an airport. What they did not imagine is that the briefcase contains a thousand-year curse. [Director: Juan De Dios Garduño, Country: Spain, Duration: 10:55]

The Desolation Prize: The Desolation Prize is a gothic horror that draws its inspiration from old Hammer Films, and the works of Val Lewton, Robert Wise and Jack Layton, combining them all into a sort of John Carpenter aesthetic. [Director: Shane Day, Country: Canada, Duration: 15:00]

Zalla: In order to save her son, Zalla escapes the futuristic lab and travels through time and space to find Maggie, the daughter of her arch enemy, to convince her to join in the fight. [Director: Tianwei Wang, Country: USA, Duration: 8:02]


Dominant Species [Director: Joseph Sackett, Country: USA]

Papa Figo: [Director: Alex Reis, Country: Brazil]



Fictional Characters: Hans is just starting to discover the world. Gretel is a teen, feeling rage to everything. Everyone is in love with the Witch searching for their "virtual I" and trigger for transformation. [Director: Ivana Noa, Country: Belgium, Duration: 10:00]

Gwyr: Reflections: Vincent draws us back to imagine the life in Weobley Castle of Sir Rhys ap Thomas and his wife Efa, over 500 years ago. [Director: Georgios Dimitropoulos, Country: UK, Duration: 10:52]

Platonic: After a dream about a murder scene, a professor discovers a pregnant woman in her house. [Director: David Leidy, Country: USA, Duration: 19:30]

Sickness - Il grandedisegno: A girl and her desire to get lost. [Director: Benedetta Mori, Country: Italy, Duration: 5:51]


Infinite Possiblities: [Director: Tom Waters, Country: USA]

Song Sotto Voce: [Director: Pierre Bessette, Country: France]

Music Video


Red Lion: A numinous Red Lion illuminates the path the warrior goddess Metallia must take to align her fragmented selves and restore an ever-present multidimensional vision long lost to humanity. [Director: Olivia Hadjiioannou, Country: Greece, Duration: 5:22]

Heartbeat: Written and performed by MedieM and his muse Dustin Quick. [Director: Medi eM, Country: USA, Duration: 3:05]

MAYBETHEPROBLEMISYOU –GiiRL: A lonely, broken-hearted man enters a dubious bar to find relief. [Director: Alexander Kohn, Country: Germany, Duration: 3:15]


Colour Code: [Director: Maria Doyle Kennedy, Country: Ireland]

Grim July: [Director: Antonio Michele Stea, Country: Italy]

Make me a Butterfly: [Director: Amy Barbera, Country: USA]



Hana: International model/actress, director Luey Nohut and music producer/composer Ryszard Zych working on a fashion project together. [Directors: LueyNohut, Country: Croatia, Duration: 1:18]

Levi’s Film: Film about iconic Levi brand. [Director: Ali Murtaza, Country: USA, Duration: 2:25]

XiaoWen in NY: Film about Victoria’s Secret Model Xiao Wen. [Director: Ali Murtaza, Country: USA, Duration: 3:14]



Be Your Own Kind: A young man meets a woman with an abusive past, they fall in love at first sight. [Directors: Amir Zargara, Christian Lat, Country: Canada, Duration: 9:58]

Levi’s Film: Film about iconic Levi brand. [Director: Ali Murtaza, Country: USA, Duration: 2:25]

Warrior With A Crown: In the quest to excel in life, a man battles with his own failures. [Directors: JMP, Francesco Cuizza, Country: UK, Duration: 4:08]