Destination Angels

Destination Angels

Destination Angels-FRFF-short film festival-2022-1


Writer and folk artist Fences receives a call from distant relatives of Beat Generation icon and literary hero Jack Kerouac. In a series of fated twists, Fences, his band and Jack's nephew find themselves roving up California's Highway 1, retracing Jack’s half-century-gone spiritual quest. Their mission: to record an album in roadside motels and forgotten train yards, over booming cliffsides and in hushed bookstores, inspired by Jack's legacy and a trove of never-before-seen Kerouac poems.

Will Fences go headlong into a fate shared by his idol Kerouac, doomed to a lonesome beauty and immense suffering of his own making? Or will he resolve to kick addiction and self-doubt, find love and family, and be redeemed in his new greatest masterpiece yet?


Category: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 19:00

Directed by: Daniel Lir, Jim Sampas

Produced by: Dru DeCaro

Starring: Christopher Mansfield, Norman Reedus