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Ehsan a nine-year-old boy lives with his family in a far village in the North of Iran. His young- er brother has a serious illness that can not be cured by doctors. His family does their best to help their child out but it does not work out and he gets worse step by step every day. Ehsan’s family does not let him know about his broth- er’s health and he himself figures out what is happening. Ehsan feels his brother is going to die. By an old story he believes that a death angel comes to get his brother’s life in a deer shape. When Ehsan sees a deer at the window at midnight, he decides to go out in the snow to guard the house not to let the deer take his brother’s life.


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Category: Drama

Country: Iran

Duration: 13:46

Directed by: Hadi Babaeifar

Produced by: Hadi Babaeifar, Mahmoud Ghaffari

Starring by: Ehsan Bakhshizadeh, Khodadad Bakhshizadeh, Arsalan Bakhshizadeh, Samira Bakhshizadeh