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"Cinnamon" is the story of a newly elected mayor who has been invited to attend a chat show. Whilst in the waiting room, awaiting to go to the interview of the chat show, the young mayor is reminded by the smell of cinnamon of his childhood where he remembers observing physical and psychological abuse perpetrated by his father to his mother. The plot develops to show how damaging the effects of domestic abuse and violence can be to the development of a child and how it can shape them into adulthood and the choices they ultimately make with the finale delivering a shocking and thought provoking crescendo.


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Category: Drama

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 10:11

Directed by: Shahid Kamal

Produced by: Shahid Kamal, Linzy Attenborough

Starring by: David Sandercock, Stefan Bakic, Steve Riseborough, Penelope Shipley, Mark Marlowe