Boundless-FRFF-short film festival-2021


An 80-year-old Woman Airforce Service Pilot remembers her audacious attempt to fight for military status and for a flag to be placed on her fellow pilot’s coffin near the end of WWII. After flying a collective 60 million miles in service with 1078 other women pilots between 1942-1944 in a specialized training program designed to free the male pilots for battle, she and the Lost Last Class of Avenger Field are abruptly disbanded, shamed for taking the jobs of men, denied military status and forced to pay their own way home.

Boundless-FRFF-short film festival-2021 poster

Category: Drama

Country: Canada

Duration: 10:31

Directed by: Kate Campbell

Produced by: Sean Buckley, Kate Campbell, Sarah Thomas Moffat, Tammy Rea

Starring: Dini Petty, Ellen Dubin, Lou Jurgens, T.J. Riley