Bliss Burger

Bliss Burger

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For Ajit’s wife, his voyage to the United States is to complete his PhD in Engineering. For Ajit, it’s an opportunity to temporarily escape the clutches of an arranged marriage. After he cuts himself off from his cultural roots he finds himself isolated in a new world and remedies his guilt of running away through the solace of a company called Bliss Burger. This is a story about an immigrant’s assimilation into America’s national religion of Consumerism and the search for God’s warm embrace through cheeseburgers.


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Category: Sci-Fi/Horror

Country: United States

Duration: 20:11

Directed by: Adam K. Wright

Produced by: Tonya Hawkins, Peter Herold, Gary Nola, Adam K. Wright

Starring: Tasmay, Jimmy Doom, Darlene Buchare, Kevin Hartzman, Neha Kare, David Webb, Shannon Basalla, Adam Wright, Tonya Hawkins, Peter Herold, Aaron Eschenburg