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Aliens On Halloween

SYNOPSIS In an attempt to snatch a sample of human DNA, two clueless aliens come down to Earth for the first time and crash a Halloween party in Hollywood.   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: United States Duration: 39:20 Directed by: Riker Lynch Produced by: Riker Lynch, Gordy De St. Jeor, Gus De St. Jeor, Curt Mega, …


SYNOPSIS As a strange plague tightens its grip on an isolated rural village, a young woman’s contact with the outside world breeds unrest amongst a superstitious townspeople.   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: Russian Federation Duration: 11:30 Directed by: Adrian Replanski Produced by: Bertrand Normand, Laurent Normand Starring: Alina Sharapova, Olivier Delaby, David Jonquières, Airat Beysenbaev, Dzhamillya …


SYNOPSIS The sea is a dangerous beauty, luring an innocent sunbather to its depths, in this modern mythological tale.   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: United States Duration: 6:48 Directed by: Eric Minh Swenson Produced by: Katherine King, Eric Minh Swenson, Michael Truong Starring: Katherine King, Crystal Taylor  

What was That

SYNOPSIS An entity persists in a house with a family of a mother and three children. The sequel to short film “WHAT”   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: United States Duration: 16:16 Directed by: Jodi Beth , Rich McKee Produced by: Jodi Beth Starring: Anna Fishbeyn   PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Sugar Crash

SYNOPSIS Aviva (60) knows that she will never be skinny. But an Actress, perhaps.   Category: Comedy Country: Israel Duration: 12:26 Directed by: Liat Glik Produced by: Batsheba Ringel Starring: Dana Semo, Michaela Elkin, Noam Tal, Arik (Arieh) Adler   PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Oh Dalia

SYNOPSIS A Russian woman’s marriage falls apart by her husband’s indiscretions . The show flashbacks to happier times in the couple’s relationship   Category: Comedy Country: United States Duration: 19:00 Directed by: Seanie Sugrue Produced by: Ashton Clay, Vanessa Velasquez Starring: Ashton Clay, Marcia Haufrecht, Harry Chambarry, Gerard McNamee   PRODUCTION PHOTOS

From Russia with Motive 107 “Eto led ili svidaniye”

SYNOPSIS After an unexpected visit from ICE, Natasha, Svetlana and Tatiana – go on speed dates to find a man who will help them stay in the United States.   Category: Comedy Country: United States Duration: 11:23 Directed by: Colin Francis Costello Produced by: Barbara Roche, Jessica M. Bair, Bar Starring: Charlotte Roi, Jessie Nolé, …

A Club Called Rhonda

SYNOPSIS ” The only rule we follow is: do not judge. Whoever you are, welcome to the Club. ” A Club Called Rhonda is an exploration of the cultural phenomenon that hit LA in 2008 with the opening of the eponymous club. It’s an insight into the free and inclusive spirit of a unique environment, …

Puntos de Vida (Broderie de Vie)

SYNOPSIS Broderie de Vie (Puntos de Vida; Threads of Life) est un documentaire de 25minutes tourné entièrement par les sujets du film, une Maestra des Arts et Métiers de Californie et deux de ses élèves âgées de 15ans explorant la broderie Maya du Yucatán, au Mexique. Le trio s’est rendu début mars 2020, quelques jours …


SYNOPSIS The first Covid-19 lockdown in New York invoked artist Linda Karshan’s memory of her father’s crippling polio affliction in the 1952/53 epidemic, and his gallant battle against it. This inspired her to “push back” by producing her most prolific body of work to date, “…because I can stand, and he could not.” Directed by …