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Franciacorta – A Golden Feeling

SYNOPSIS The new fashion film released by The Franciacorta Consortium, in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. Produced by the Milan-based creativity factory The Blink Fish, the video celebrates the opening of Milan Fashion Week with beauty, movement and style.   Category: Lifestyle Country: Italy Duration: 1:06 Directed by: Enea Colombi Produced by: …

The Movement – Francesca Marchisio

SYNOPSIS An intimate monologue that explores the relationship between us and the natural elements. The protagonist’s thoughts run through a stream of consciousness freely inspired by the principles of thermodynamics, reversible transformations become the key to a more sustainable attitude towards our planet and to create new value from what already exists.   Category: Lifestyle …

The other side of the soul

SYNOPSIS The twins Lucie and Pierre believe they have swapped bodies. Pierre wants to experience pregnancy but is biologically unable to do so. Lucie, on the other hand, becomes pregnant and feels the urge to give her body away, like a coat that no longer fits her, while Pierre learns to understand her decision to …

Eat A Swede

SYNOPSIS Viewers follow Erik Karlsson, a Swedish scientist with a controversial business idea: to produce and sell lab-grown human meat to feed our planet. But you know what, why eat a Swede, when you can eat Swedish!   Category: Experimental Country: Sweden Duration: 18:32 Directed by: Daniel Hallberg


SYNOPSIS An examination of dissociation as a means for survival and manipulation. Fueled by lust and love, one’s reality is ultimately designed by one’s desires, leading to a mirage of illusion.   Category: Experimental Country: USA Duration: 7:00 Directed by: Breton Tyner-Bryan Produced by: Breton Tyner-Bryan, Michael Burke Starring: Breton Tyner-Bryan, Emily Ulrich PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS A short film about the longing for unknown, sometimes made up places.   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: Argentina Duration: 4:24 Directed by: Maria Peralta Ramos Produced by: maria Peralta Ramos PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS Esteban and Samuel look for the last vestiges that give an account of the existence of women. One day they find a woman, or so it seems, named Nora, who could be the last hope or a terrible punishment for those who still inhabit the earth.   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: Mexico Duration: 15:00 Directed …


SYNOPSIS A young woman embarks on a traumatic journey as she overcomes an invisible force.   Category: Sci-Fi/Horror Country: United Kingdom Duration: 6:58 Directed by: Daniel Keeble Produced by: Lily Streames, Daniel Keeble Starring: Lily Streames, Joseph Carroll, Josephine Melville, Ross Sambridge PRODUCTION PHOTOS

New Moon

SYNOPSIS An imaginative surrealist journey of young Jay Jay and his mother Edie. Their inner city dreams are illuminated by the new moon accompanied by magic of Aretha Franklin playing on a summer’s eve on a transistor radio in a backyard in West Philadelphia.   Category: Animation Country: USA Duration: 11:00 Directed by: Jeff Le …


SYNOPSIS By the light of fireflies, the whispers of mythical snakes, and the ushering of a myriad of under worldly creatures, Nomad illustrates the twist and turns of a journey to the individuation of the spirit.¬†¬†Weaving through realms of light and shadow, where every encounter is alive with meaning, the uprooted protagonist takes us from …