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Natura Magica

SYNOPSIS Preserving the heritage of hand woven cotton and the tradition of hand made prints from Mali to Nigeria by passing on the savoir-faire to today’s younger generation is an epitome of sustainability.   Category: Fashion Country: Nigeria Duration: 4:04 Directed by: Omowonuola Motunrayo Olaogun Produced by: Chidiebere Emmanuel Agbaeze, Omonownuola Motunrayo Olaogun Starring: Oyindamola Okufuye, Victoria …

The Mirror

SYNOPSIS The latest fashion film for the Milan-based fine jewelery brand Avel Lenttan. The film takes us on a journey of self-discovery, in which we learn to appreciate and love the natural beauty that is hidden within ourselves highlighted by the refined simplicity of the brand’s collection.   Category: Fashion Country: Italy Duration: 2:47 Directed …

Orange Tree

SYNOPSIS Focusing specifically on long-distance relationships and how so much of the relationship lies in a shared vision of the future, the short explores the vast amounts of time actually spent alone dreaming of that other person in the relationship, imagining what your lives might be like one day.   Category: Fashion Country: United Kingdom …


SYNOPSIS Remain in impermanence.  Exercise self-awareness until you notice cracks open, paths for air to enter. Abstract geology.  Looking inside, finding gaps, welcoming movements.  In search of finding purpose between places, a woman embarks on a journey through different planes and lets herself be guided by energies that manifest in multiple atmospheres.   Category: Fashion Country: Brazil Duration: …


SYNOPSIS What started as a script for a short film was rewritten as a song. The story is about someone who’s always on the look for a meaning or purpose.   Category: Music Video Country: United Arab Emirates Duration: 2:30 Directed by: Akram Badr PRODUCTION PHOTOS

Built to Last

SYNOPSIS New song and video by Blane Howard and Jason Earley, to be included on Howard’s  upcoming album.   Category: Music Video Country: USA Duration: 3:01 Directed by: Sue Vicory Produced by: Taylor Snyder Starring: Blane Howard


SYNOPSIS Original song written by Stephanie Quayle and Alex Kline for the feature documentary film, She which is inspired by Aimée Baker’s book of poetry Doe.   Category: Music Video Country: USA Directed by: Sue Vicory PRODUCTION PHOTOS

It’s Over

SYNOPSIS A day in the life of a senior couple – they have no cieling!   Category: Music Video Country: Canada Duration: 3:33 Directed by: Reza Sholeh Produced by: Leili Bazargan Starring: Shahin Najafi PRODUCTION PHOTOS


SYNOPSIS Sometimes no is enough without having to explain the story of why. This video embodies and presents as many depictions of “no” as possible. It abandons linear narratives to embrace the abstraction & unpredictability uncovered when exploring the world of a sentiment/feeling.   Category: Music Video Country: USA Duration: 4:26 Directed by: Emma Scotson, …

A Feast That Never Comes

SYNOPSIS Four characters inhabit cycles within cycles of contentment, discontentment, inertia, movement, desire, and betrayal.   Category: Music Video Country: USA Duration: 16:22 Directed by: Maria Juranic Produced by: Rachel Morgan, Sven Britt, Maria Juranic Starring: John Raffles Durbin, Kayla Farrish, Nico Li, Paul Vickers, PRODUCTION PHOTOS