Are You Awake?

Are You Awake?

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In this psychological thriller, Dale (Ellyn Jameson) is a detached woman who earns a living by waking strangers up in the morning. She spends her day making house calls, after agreeing to stand-in for a colleague. Dale enters a patient's house, and is unsettled by the mess she finds. Bradley (Paul Archer) explains he’s been plagued by nightmares, and refuses to get out of bed. Though Dale feels obligated to convince him otherwise, she can’t help but form a pitiful kinship with the man paralyzed by his own dreams.

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Category: Sci-Fi/Horror

Country: United States

Duration: 11:01

Directed by: Gabriel Caste

Produced by: Gabriel Caste, Alex Exline

Starring by: Ellyn Jameson, Paul Archer