Aliens On Halloween

Aliens On Halloween

Aliens On Halloween-FRFF-Short-film-festival-2021


In an attempt to snatch a sample of human DNA, two clueless aliens come down to Earth for the first time and crash a Halloween party in Hollywood.


Aliens On Halloween-FRFF-Short-film-festival-2021-poster

Category: Sci-Fi/Horror

Country: United States

Duration: 39:20

Directed by: Riker Lynch

Produced by: Riker Lynch, Gordy De St. Jeor, Gus De St. Jeor, Curt Mega, Chelsea Meyer

Starring: Curt Mega, Riker Lynch, Caroline Wagner, Kim Whalen, Mark DeCarlo, Titus Makin, Gus De St. Jeor, Gil De St. Jeor, Sofia Masson