A Grand Journey

A Grand Journey



Born and raised in Jackson, WY Kira has found a great love for the outdoors. Her lifestyle involves hiking, skiing, biking and pursuing her career as a yoga instructor. Kira was born with a rare birth defect and had her lower leg amputated as a child. Since being able to walk, she has used a prosthetic leg. While some might see this as a major setback, Kira's fiery passion and athleticism drives her to achieve her goals and amaze those around her with her achievements. Climbing the iconic Grand Teton has been a childhood dream of Kira's. In A Grand Journey short documentary film we get an intimate look into Kira’s unique but incredibly relatable journey as she attempts to take on a goal she herself may not believe is possible.

Category: Documentary

Country: United States

Duration: 15:00

Directed by: Amon Barker

Produced by: Karissa Akin, Amon Barker, Eric Seymour

Starring: Kira Brazinski